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Thelev was an Orion posing as a member of the Andorian delegation at the Babel Conference.

Serving as an aide to Ambassador Shras, Thelev's mission was to destroy the USS Enterprise, which was responsible for transporting delegates to the Babel Conference. The purpose was to instigate mutual suspicion and possibly interplanetary war. Had war broken out, they would have cleaned up supplying dilithium to both sides while continuing to raid Coridan.

He murdered the Tellarite ambassador Gav by breaking his neck and later tried to murder James T. Kirk with a knife. He managed to stab Kirk but was captured and put in the brig. When he tried to escape he was stunned with a phaser and fell so that one of his antennae broke off and revealed a hidden device he had used to communicate with his ship. When Enterprise damaged his ship, it self-destructed and Thelev took a poison that killed him. (TOS: "Journey to Babel")

Thelev was played by actor William O'Connell.
As the name Thelev went unnoticed, it is safe to assume the name is Andorian and not Orion (despite the difference in spelling), especially since there was a real Andorian officer named Telev.

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