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The Young Hunter was a 2003 flash-animated cartoon presented exclusively at It told the story of a young Klingon's first targ kill, and the subsequent relating of a fable, "The Legend of Gorath", by his grandfather. The fable illustrates the importance of telling the truth.


  • Boy/Grack/Bronal - Phil LaMarr
  • Gorath/Spy - Jonathan Goldstein
  • Grandfather/Krek - Adam Bitterman
  • Aunt/Barwench - Camille Ameen

Production crewEdit

  • Written by: Paul Plunkett
  • Produced by: John Sylvain
  • Art and animation: Bernard Chang
  • Editing: Les Hidvegi
  • Sound engineer: Ira Ingbar

Background information Edit

  • Although Gorath is described as a contemporary of Kahless, he carries a bat'leth.
  • The grandfather scolds the "son of his son" for embellishing the tale of his kill, though Klingons generally have a reputation for exaggerating stories.

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