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Still stranded in the mirror universe, Burnham must try to save the lives of a group of rebels whom she is ordered to destroy by the Terran Empire while maintaining her cover as her counterpart. Meanwhile, a growing terror within Lieutenant Tyler consumes him and threatens the chances of the Discovery returning home.

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  • Of the episodes that Michelle Yeoh participates in, this is the only one in which she is credited during the closing credits with the rest of the guest cast, as opposed to receiving a "special guest star" in the opening credits. This was done to conceal the dramatic reveal at the end of the episode that the mirror version of Philippa Georgiou is the Terran emperor. The use of the normally masculine "emperor" as opposed to the more usual "empress" (which was used by a previous claimant to the title) preserved the effect within the episode's narrative. (Salome Jens was also credited in the end credits of DS9: "Heart of Stone" instead of the beginning of Act One as usual, for the same reason, to conceal the reveal that Kira Nerys is impersonated by the Female Changeling during most of the episode.)

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  • This episode reveals that Voq has been Ash Tyler since the latter was introduced. It was not until the next episode, "Vaulting Ambition", that it was revealed that there was a real Ash Tyler.
  • The mirror Sarek is shown as a leader in the current rebellion against the Terran Empire and working with Voq. In "Mirror, Mirror" Sarek's son Spock is shown to be loyal to the Terran Empire before he tries reforming the Empire to be more like the Federation after meeting the James T. Kirk that traded places with his captain.
  • Mirror Sarek wore a goatee, just like mirror Spock and mirror Soval did.
  • The Michael Burnham and Sarek of the mirror universe never had a father-daughter relationship.
  • General Order 4 of the Terran Empire relates that any race deemed a threat to the Empire is to be destroyed.
  • This episode sets a record for the longest teaser in Star Trek history, at a duration of fourteen minutes and six seconds.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Andorians and Tellarites in Star Trek: Discovery.

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