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The Vulcan Academy Murders

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(written from a Production point of view)

Captain Kirk becomes an interplanetary homicide detective!

Plot Summary

From the book jacket
Kirk and McCoy accompany Spock to the Vulcan Academy Hospital, seeking experimental treatment for a badly wounded Enterprise crew member. Spock's mother is also a patient in the hospital, and Kirk soon becomes involved in the complex drama of Spock's family...
Suddenly, patients are dying, and Kirk suspects the unthinkable - murder on Vulcan! But can he convince the Vulcans that something as illogical as murder is possible? Until the killer is caught, everyone is in danger!

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Background Information


Canon Characters

James T. Kirk
Leonard McCoy
Hikaru Sulu
Pavel Chekov
Amanda Grayson
Amanda, Journey to Babel

Amanda Grayson

Non-Canon Characters

Daniel Corrigan 
Human doctor and longtime friend and colleague of Sorel.
He is also featured in The IDIC Epidemic.
Eleyna Miller 
Sarek's assistant at the Vulcan Academy.
Carl Remington 
Ensign serving on the Enterprise.
Vulcan healer, and longtime friend and colleague of Daniel Corrigan.
He is also featured in The IDIC Epidemic.
Son of Sorel.
Vulcan engineer.
Daughter of Sorel.
She is also featured in The IDIC Epidemic. Not to be confused with the T'Mir featured in ENT: "Carbon Creek" as they are unrelated characters.
Vulcan healer working with Sorel.
Wife Of Sorel.


"Journey to Babel"; kahs-wan; Klingon; Kolinahr; Orion; pon farr; Rigel; sehlat; Shakespeare; Surak; T'Pring; Vulcan; Vulcan Science Academy

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