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Void or The Void could refer to:

  • The Void (anomaly), a large region of contained space which trapped the USS Voyager briefly in 2377
  • The Void (region), a large region of open, devoid space passed through by the USS Voyager in 2375
  • "The Void", a seventh season episode of Star Trek: Voyager about the anomaly

You may also be looking for:

  • The endless void, experienced by holograms James Moriarty and The Doctor when their programs were deactivated; described as a "void" by The Doctor in 2375
  • The hole in space, an area totally devoid of any energy or matter created by Nagilum; described often as a "void" by the crew of the USS Enterprise-D
  • The intergalactic void, the area outside of the Milky Way Galaxy; described as a "void" by James T. Kirk in 2268
  • Space, a division of space-time and the location of all known matter and energy; described as a "void" by James T. Kirk in 2270
  • A star desert, an area devoid of stars; described as a "void" by James T. Kirk in 2267
  • The void, also called a space-time continuum, found within the galactic barrier
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