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Super 8 release
Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
No. of reels: 3
Director: Joseph Pevney
Release date: unknown (1970s)
Rating(s): n/a
Reference: n/a
Year: 2268

"The Trouble with Tribbles" was an unlicensed Super 8 home media format release of the Star Trek: The Original Series season two episode "The Trouble with Tribbles". Released in the 1970s, it, together with its contemporary Super 8 Original Series releases, ranks among the very first Star Trek home media format releases.

Background informationEdit

  • The release was produced and distributed by New York City based company "Canterbury Films".
  • The episode was spread over three 400 feet, 7 inch film reels, packaged together in a single cardboard box endowed with photocopied imagery, glued on the box as cover art.
  • Not being an official franchise release, Canterbury Films had, according to author Richard W. Haines, made use of a contemporary loophole in the then applicable copyright laws; "Canterbury discovered that some episodes of the Star Trek TV show did not contain a copyright in the credits and released dupes to collectors." (The Moviegoing Experience, 1968-2001, February 2003, p. 183)


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