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The Sound of Star Trek

The Sound of Star Trek CD

The Sound of Star Trek was an audio CD included as an extra on the Special Numbered Edition UK-exclusive DVD of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier featuring music and sound effects from Star Trek: The Original Series. The sound effects tracks were previously available on the Star Trek Sound Effects CD and the main theme is the same version as the one on the The Best of Star Trek, Volume Two release.

# Name Time
01 Theme from Star Trek (Season 1 strings arrangement) :50
02 Red Alert Klaxon :15
03 Scanning Console :15
04 Tribble Noises 1:05
05 More Tribbles :20
06 Warp Acceleration :51
07 Transporter :17
08 Medical Tricorder 1:00
09 Bridge Computers 2:56
10 Doors Opening & Closing :14

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