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The Genesis Wave is a series of novels from Pocket Books set in the Next Generation timeframe. Books One through Three center around the Federation response to the titular device, while book Four revolves around a task force created to deal with the fallout from the first three.

Synopsis Edit

For decades, the Federation has suppressed knowledge of the Genesis Device, going so far as to confine Dr. Carol Marcus on an otherwise uninhabited planet under heavy guard, and bury her life's work.

The secret is out, however, and an unknown aggressor has kidnapped Dr. Marcus and tricked her into adapting her research into a beamed delivery system which they have deployed against inhabited worlds, resulting in the deaths of millions, and the displacement of entire races.

With entire solar systems being threatened by the wave, the Federation must find some way to halt the devastation, but old secrets are revealed and old wounds reopened, and Carol Marcus is not the only survivor of the project: An old enemy has been roused, and has vowed to rid the galaxy of the last person with first-hand knowledge of Genesis.

Novels Edit

  1. The Genesis Wave, Book One
  2. The Genesis Wave, Book Two
  3. The Genesis Wave, Book Three
  4. Genesis Force

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