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The Forgotten War

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Picard confronts a deadly secret from the past!


From the book jacket
The legendary Starfleet Captain Lucien Murat, a contemporary of Christopher Pike, disappeared during a battle with the alien Tarn. Now, generations later, Captain Picard is conducting delicate diplomatic negotiations with the Tarn when the Starship Enterprise discovers the descendants of Murat and his crew stranded on a desolate planet, still fighting a war that ended decades ago.
The Human castaways face destruction, but more than these precious lives are at stake. Unless Picard can find a solution, a lost hero's legacy may ignite a new era of interstellar war!

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Background Information


Jean-Luc Picard


Harna Karish 
Member of the royal family on the home planet of the Tarn
Lucien Murat 
Captain of the USS Verdun
Mr Eddies
Janice Hardman


USS Verdun 
A 23rd century starship, under the command of Lucien Murat when it crashed on one of the planets in the Torgu-Va system while in combat with a Tarn vessel.

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