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(written from a Production point of view)

Far from the Federation, now under assault of the Furies, Captain Janeway discoveres the source of the very Invasion itself. Now, at last, Voyager takes the battle to the enemy - for the sake of a home they may never see again!


From the back cover
For ages they have sought to claim our worlds. Now, at last, we take the battle to them....
Far from the Federation's desperate war against the Furies, the crew of the USS Voyager encounters something they never expected to hear again: a Starfleet distress call. The signal leads them to a vast assemblage of non-humanoid races engaged in a monumental project of incredible magnitude. Here is the source of the terrible invasion threatening the entire Alpha Quadrant — and for the Starship Voyager, a possible route home.
But soon there may be no home to return to...
The epic conclusion to the greatest crossover saga of all time!

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Memorable quotesEdit

"So once again, my face is rubbed in it... either I'm flying off the handle because I'm an angry young Klingon; or I survive a supernova because I have tough Klingon hide! Can't I ever just be me?"

- B'Elanna Torres

Background informationEdit

  • The final book in the four-part Invasion! series.


Kathryn Janeway 
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Tom Paris 
B'Elanna Torres 
Harry Kim 
The Doctor
Joseph Carey 
Lieutenant. Took over engineering while B'Elanna was on the Furies' moon. He developed a new shield modulation to block the worst shock waves from the supernova.
Sam Redbay 
Lieutenant. Formerly an engineer on the USS Enterprise-D. He was pulled through one of the wormholes at the end of The Soldiers of Fear, was found by Voyager, and helped Torres sabotage the Furies' array. Redbay has the dubious distinction of being the first person Torres has ever shoved out of an airlock. He was killed after being transported from the middle of a supernova.


Delta Quadrant
Gamma Quadrant 
One of two possible locations of the exit point of the Furies wormhole
James Kirk 
Reached an understanding with the captain of the first Fury vessel
A Klingon fleet fought the Furies during their first incursion into the Alpha Quadrent
Small Magellanic Cloud 
One of the two possible locations of the exit points of the Furies wormhole.
USS Enterprise 
The first starship to battle the Furies
USS Enterprise-D 
Sam Redbay's former posting
The Furies created a wormhole to travel to the Alpha Quadrant.

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