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Covering all four Star Trek series, the author approaches the ethical dilemmas faced by the Star Trek characters and uses the show as a perfect prism through which to view right and wrong from ancient times all the way through to the 24th century.
How would Immanuel Kant's insistence on autonomous altruism have impacted the Federation's dealings with the Borg? Did Aristotle's concept of equity account for why Kirk and Picard often violated the Prime Directive? Would Nietzsche have made a good starship captain? As every fan of Star Trek knows, even in the brave new world of the 24th century, the deepest questions of morality and ethics will still need to be answered. In this enjoyable and engaging book, Dr. Judith Barad uses characters and plots from all four of the Star Trek television series to illustrate how our earthbound philosophers would handle the most challenging ethical questions in the universe. The perfect book for dedicated "Trekkers" or anyone looking for an approachable introduction to the teachings of the world's preeminent thinkers, The Ethics of Star Trek takes the matter of ethics and makes it practical, understandable... and fun.

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