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The Best of Star Trek (soundtracks)

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You may be looking for the album The Best of Star Trek - The Original Film Scores, originally released as Star Trek - The Astral Symphony.

GNP Crescendo Records released two volumes of what the label considers The Best of Star Trek's orchestral score music from the franchise's television series. Unlike the many albums released featuring re-recordings of the music for the purposes of an album listening experience, the material included in these volumes are from the original soundtrack recordings, or suites of themes from particular episodes recorded by the original studio orchestras.

The Best of Star Trek: Volume One

The first volume was subtitled as a "30th Anniversary Special" and engineered as an Enhanced CD featuring CD-ROM content accessible via personal computer. The Macromedia and Quicktime-based application developed by LIGHT Intertainment included a trailer for Star Trek: First Contact, a teaser/demo for the online game version of First Contact, and a digital brochure for other Star Trek soundtracks released by GNP Crescendo.

# Title Composer Runtime
1 Star Trek: The Original Series Main Title Alexander Courage 1:02
2 Suite from "The Trouble with Tribbles": Bartender Bit / They Quibble Over Quibble / Kirk Out / Barrel of Trouble / Tribble Hooks Kirk / Poor Jonesy / A Matter of Pride / Come on Spock / Hissing Tribbles / Dead Heap Jerry Fielding 5:19
3 Suite from "The Trouble with Tribbles": The Muzak Maker / The Scherzo Maker* 1:36
4 Suite from "The Trouble with Tribbles": A Matter of Pride / No Tribble at All / Big Fite 4:05
5 Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith 1:48
6 Suite from "Heart of Glory": Moment of Decision / Battle Signs / Geordi Vision / Looking for Life Signs / Imminent Destruction Ron Jones 8:29
7 Suite from "Heart of Glory": A Klingon's Feelings / Let's Make a Phaser / Heart of Glory 6:30
8 Orchestral Suite from "The Inner Light" Jay Chattaway 6:36
9 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title (Season 4) Dennis McCarthy 1:54
10 Suite from "The Visitor": Rainy Night 1:08
11 Suite from "The Visitor": Steve O's Cue / Freaked Out 3:07
12 Suite from "The Visitor": Dad Admonishes 3:11
13 Suite from "The Visitor": One Last Visit 2:57
14 Suite from "The Visitor": Second Chance 1:13
15 Star Trek: Voyager Main Title (Extended Version) Jerry Goldsmith 2:22
16 Suite from "Heroes and Demons": Last Hope Dennis McCarthy 2:31
17 Suite from "Heroes and Demons": Dr. Schweitzer 1:19
18 Suite from "Heroes and Demons": Armogonnon 1:47
19 Suite from "Heroes and Demons": Where's Freyal / To the Rescue 6:48

(*) Written and recorded for, but not used in episode.

The Best of Star Trek: Volume Two

# Title Runtime
1 Theme from Star Trek (Season 1 strings arrangement) :51
2 Suite from "The Corbomite Maneuver": Radiation / Cube Radiation / Baby Balok / Fesarius Approaches 4:29
3 Suite from "Balance of Terror": Romulan Warship / Romulan Theme / Centurion 3:42
4 Suite from "What Are Little Girls Made Of?": Meet Andrea / Big Ruk / Ruk Protests 4:39
5 In Chapel (from "Balance of Terror") 1:18
6 Theme from Star Trek (Lounge Mix) 1:39
7 Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Season 4)** 1:55
8 Suite from "The Way of the Warrior": Dry Run 1:31
9 Suite from "The Way of the Warrior": Medieval Harp Source 2:57
10 Suite from "The Way of the Warrior": Evil Empire 1:35
11 Suite from "The Way of the Warrior": "Yo!" 4:08
12 Suite from "The Way of the Warrior": Worf II 1:47
13 "Fever" (from "His Way") 1:47
14 Theme from Star Trek: Voyager** 1:47
15 Suite from "Bride of Chaotica!": Begin Chapter 18 / Presenting...Arachnia 4:21
16 Suite from "Bride of Chaotica!": Confinement Rings / Segue to Torres 3:07
17 Suite from "Bride of Chaotica!": Chaotica is Defeated / Distortions 3:43
18 Suite from "Bride of Chaotica!": Chaotica's Last Words / The End? 1:05
19 Theme from Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 2) 1:40
20 Suite from "All Good Things...": Here Comes the Judge II* / To the Rescue*** 5:59
21 Suite from "All Good Things...": Primalosity 2:29
22 Suite from "All Good Things...": Courage 3:31
23 Suite from "All Good Things...": Saved Again 2:26
24 Suite from "All Good Things...": I Have a Gun**

(*) Cue not used in program. (**) Previously released track. (***) Contains Theme from "Star Trek" the TV Series by A. Courage.

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