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(written from a Production point of view)

The Best of Star Trek, Volume Two was the second volume of The Best of Star Trek released by GNP Crescendo Records.

Track list Edit

# Title/Runtime
1 Theme from Star Trek (Season 1 strings arrangement) (0:51)
2 Suite from "The Corbomite Maneuver": Radiation/Cube Radiation/Baby Balok/Fesarius Approaches (4:29)
3 Suite from "Balance of Terror": Romulan Warship/Romulan Theme/Centurion (3:42)
4 Suite from "What Are Little Girls Made Of?": Meet Andrea/Big Ruk/Ruk Protests (4:39)
5 In Chapel (from "Balance of Terror") (1:18)
6 Theme from Star Trek (Lounge Mix) (1:39)
7 Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Season 4) (1:55)
8 Suite from "The Way of the Warrior": Dry Run (1:31)
9 Suite from "The Way of the Warrior": Medieval Harp Source (2:57)
10 Suite from "The Way of the Warrior": Evil Empire (1:35)
11 Suite from "The Way of the Warrior": "Yo!" (4:08)
12 Suite from "The Way of the Warrior": Worf II (1:47)
13 "Fever" (from "His Way") (1:47)
14 Theme from Star Trek: Voyager (1:47)
15 Suite from "Bride of Chaotica!": Begin Chapter 18/Presenting... Arachnia (4:21)
16 Suite from "Bride of Chaotica!": Confinement Rings/Segue to Torres (3:07)
17 Suite from "Bride of Chaotica!": Chaotica is Defeated/Distortions (3:43)
18 Suite from "Bride of Chaotica!": Chaotica's Last Words/The End? (1:05)
19 Theme from Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 2) (1:40)
20 Suite from "All Good Things...": Here Comes the Judge II*/To the Rescue† (5:59)
21 Suite from "All Good Things...": Primalosity (2:29)
22 Suite from "All Good Things...": Courage (3:31)
23 Suite from "All Good Things...": Saved Again (2:26
24 Suite from "All Good Things...": I Have a Gun (0:52)
Total running time: 63:32
* - Cue not used in episode.
† - Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage.

Previous soundtrack release: Series Next soundtrack release:
The Best of Star Trek, Volume One The Best of Star Trek Soundtrack Final release in series

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