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Thadiun Okona was the captain of a small class 9 interplanetary cargo carrier, the Erstwhile. He was a charmer of women who were attracted to his roguish and mischievous manner and quick wit.

In 2365, he got in the middle of a dispute between the Coalition of Madena.

While on board the USS Enterprise-D as his ship was undergoing repairs, Debin of Atlec accused Okona of impregnating his daughter Yanar, while Kushell of Straleb accused him of stealing the crown Jewel of Thesia. Captain Picard, aware that releasing Okona to either one of them could cause a war, beamed the parties aboard the Enterprise-D to discuss the matter. Eventually, it was revealed that Kushell's son Benzan had fathered Yanar's child and taken the jewel to present to her as a token of his love. Okona had been acting as a go-between for the two. Once the truth was revealed, both sides withdrew their claims on Okona, though the topic quickly evolved into an equally-contentious political matter when the two families began to argue over wedding details. (TNG: "The Outrageous Okona")

Okona was played by William O. Campbell.


In the Myriad Universes story, "The Embrace of Cold Architects," in a universe where Picard is killed when the Enterprise destroys the invading Borg cube with its deflector dish weapon, Captain Riker recruited Thadiun Okona to take over hosting duties in Ten Forward after Guinan elects to leave the Enterprise.

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