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Tessic was the leader of an alien colony that mined deuterium in the 22nd century. The Enterprise NX-01 visited the colony in 2152, seeking to buy or trade for deuterium. Tessic at first wanted nothing to do with the visitors and asked them to leave. After negotiations with Captain Jonathan Archer, Tessic agreed to give him the deuterium in exchange for medical supplies, power cells and assistance in repairing the colony's extraction pumps, but told Archer that they had to leave in two days. Tessic was trying to hide the fact that Klingon marauders were preying on the colony, taking the deuterium, leaving just enough for the colonists to survive. When the Klingons arrived, Archer and his crew witnessed the Klingon marauders abusing Tessic. Tessic told Archer that when he and others had tried to rebel, it had resulted in the deaths of eight colonists. The crew helped Tessic and his people to fight off the Klingons, whom they trapped in a flaming deuterium field. The Klingons left Tessic's colony in peace. (ENT: "Marauders")

In the final draft script of "Marauders", Tessic was initially described thus; "He's had to bear the responsibility of protecting his people for a long time, and it's made him a bit mistrustful... skittish about outsiders."
Tessic was played by Larry Cedar.

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