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Terry Dodson is a comic book artist specializing in pencils. He is married to Rachel Pinnock, who often inks and/or colors his work.

Dodson broke into the industry in 1991 working on Rock 'N' Roll Comics for Revolutionary Comics before moving over to Malibu Comics to work on their Mantra title which he co-created with Mike W. Barr. In 1996 he penciled some X-Men limited series for Marvel Comics before becoming the regular penciller on Generation X.

He also worked on Harley Quinn for DC Comics, Spider-Man, and both Trouble and the Marvel Knights Spider-Man series with Mark Millar. Since then, he worked as the main artist with Uncanny X-Men and Defenders.

In 1996, Dodson contributed pinup art for Star TreX, inked and colored by his wife.

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