Temple of Kural-Hanesh

A partly finished model of the Temple of Kural-Hanesh

Temple of Kural-Hanesh graphic

A graphic of the Temple of Kural-Hanesh

The Temple of Kural-Hanesh was a religious building created by the Dokkarans. It consisted of a large hallway and a room for worship, fronted by an altar. As with the whole Dokkaran culture, the temple was characterized by a great sense of harmony.

In 2368, Timothy built a model of the temple. When he asked Data's opinion of his re-creation, the android noted that it lacked the harmony typical of the actual landmark and its creators. This disappointed the boy, who felt that Data hated his work and that he couldn't do anything right. This prompted Data to explain a) that he did not hate the model (being incapable of that emotion), but was offering a frank appraisal of its aesthetics instead and b) that his assertion that he was unable to do anything right was unfounded. He then commented on the sturdiness of the base, only to watch it collapse as Timothy attempted to attach the ceiling before the rest of the supports were set up. He suggested and executed the correct way to build the model, earning Timothy's admiration. (TNG: "Hero Worship")

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 214), this ancient temple had a great archway, large windows, and an altar.