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For use on all videogame pages. Alternate covers should be show in a gallery in the background information section of the article. Images for use with the platform call can be found here.

{{Sidebar videogame
|image        = Cover image
|imagecap     = Alternate image caption (default: "Title")
|Title        = Title of game
|Publisher    = Publishing company
|Developer    = Developing company
|Released     = Date of release
|Year         = Year story set in (if known)
|Stardate     = Stardate story set in (if known)
|Platform     = Platform
|Requirements = System requirements
|Genres       = Genres of game
|rating       = Rating
|Reference    = Reference number (if available)


{{sidebar videogame
|image        = armada 2 cover.jpg
|Title        = Star Trek: Armada II
|Publisher    = [[Activision]]
|Developer    = [[Mad Doc Software]]
|Released     = {{d|26|June|2001}}
|Year         = [[2377]]
|Stardate     = 54522.2 - 54881.2
|Platform     = {{platform|win9x}}
|Requirements = 300 MHz Pentium II processor, 64 MB RAM, 1.3 GB hard drive space, 4x CD-ROM drive
|Genres       = Real-time strategy
|rating       = {{game ratings|ESRB=e|ELSPA=3|USK=12|ADESE=TP|OFLC=G8|DJCTQ=14}}
|Reference    = {{ASIN|B000BVYVKI}} (US)<br/>{{ASIN|B00005N5EZ|UK}} (UK)<br/>{{ASIN|B00005QFHW|DE}} (Germany)<br/>{{ASIN|B000219I0K|DE}} (Germany "Green Pepper" re-release)

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