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For use on all reference CD/DVD software releases.

If more than one cover exists, a single image should go in the sidebar (either the most recent edition published or the most recognizable), the remainder - along with any audiobook covers - should be put into a subsection of the "Background information" labeled "Cover gallery".

{{Sidebar reference cd
|image          = Cover image
|imagecap       = Image caption (default: "Cover image") and footer
|imagescreen    = Screenshot of the software (if available)
|imagescreencap = Screenshot caption (default: "Screen image")
|Publisher      = Publishing company
|Developer      = Developing company
|Author         = Author name(s)
|Released       = Date of release
|Platform       = Computer platform (if available)
|Requirements   = System requirements (if available)
|Rating         = Rating
|Reference      = Reference number (if available)


{{Sidebar reference cd
|image          = Star Trek TNG interactive Technical Manual.jpg
|imagescreen    = Tngtechmanconn.png
|imagescreencap = A view of CONN
|Publisher      = [[Simon & Schuster]]
|Author         = [[Michael Okuda]] and [[Rick Sternbach]]
|Released       = {{m|February|1994}}
|Platform       = Microsoft Windows 3.1
|Requirements   = 386/33 MHz or better, 8 MB of RAM, VGA card with 256 colors and 640×480 resolution, color monitor, 2X speed CD-ROM drive, MPC compliant sound card and mouse
|Reference      = ISBN 067131629X

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