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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:STO/doc:

This template is designed to create in-line references to pages on the Star Trek Online wiki.


To use this template, place {{STO|<page>}} in an entry where "<page>" is an article address on the STO wiki.

For example

The {{STO|Galaxy}} in ''Star Trek Online''.

will produce

The Galaxy in Star Trek Online.

In order to change the displayed text of the link, use a second parameter. For example,

Variants of the Sovereign-class also exist, like the {{STO|Majestic_class|''Majestic''-class}}.

will produce

Variants of the Sovereign-class also exist, like the Majestic-class.

Note that you can produce a link to the STO wiki's main page by using the format

{{STO||the ''Star Trek Online'' wiki}}


the Star Trek Online wiki

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