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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Platform/doc:

Icons for the platform field of {{sidebar videogame}}.

It is more important that these icons have a similar height than a similar width.

  • {{platform|3do}} yields 3do
  • {{platform|arcade}} yields Arcade cabinet
  • {{platform|amiga}} yields Amiga
  • {{platform|atari-st}} yields Atari ST
  • {{platform|atari2600}} yields Atari 2600
  • {{platform|atari5200}} yields Atari 5200
  • {{platform|browser}} yields Browsers
  • {{platform|c64}} yields Commodore 64
  • {{platform|gameboy}} yields GameBoy
  • {{platform|dos}} yields MS-DOS
  • {{platform|apple2}} yields Apple
  • {{platform|macos}} yields MacOS
  • {{platform|microvision}} yields Microvision
  • {{platform|osx}} yields MacOSX
  • {{platform|nes}} yields NES
  • {{platform|ds}} yields Nintendo DS
  • {{platform|psx}} yields PS1
  • {{platform|ps2}} yields PS2
  • {{platform|ps3}} yields PS3
  • {{platform|ps4}} yields PS4
  • {{platform|psp}} yields PSP
  • {{platform|snes}} yields SNES
  • {{platform|32x}} yields Sega 32X
  • {{platform|gamegear}} yields Sega GameGear
  • {{platform|genesis}} yields Sega Genesis
  • {{platform|vectrex}} yields Vectrex
  • {{platform|wii}} yields Wii
  • {{platform|wiiu}} yields Wii U
  • {{platform|win}} yields Windows
  • {{platform|win9x}} yields Windows 9x, ME
  • {{platform|winxp}} yields Windows XP
  • {{platform|win7}} yields Windows Vista, 7
  • {{platform|win8}} yields Windows 8
  • {{platform|xbox}} yields Xbox
  • {{platform|360}} yields Xbox 360
  • {{platform|xbone}} yields Xbox One
  • {{platform|cell}} yields Cell icon
  • {{platform|bb}} yields Blackberry icon
  • {{platform|ios}} yields IOS icon
  • {{platform|droid}} yields Android icon
  • {{platform|linux}} yields Linux icon

3doArcade cabinetAmigaAtari STAtari 2600Atari 5200BrowsersCommodore 64GameBoyMS-DOSAppleMacOSMicrovisionMacOSXNESNintendo DSPS1PS2PS3PS4PSPSNESSega 32XSega GameGearSega GenesisVectrexWiiWii UWindowsWindows 9x, MEWindows XPWindows Vista, 7Windows 8XboxXbox 360Xbox OneCell iconBlackberry iconIOS iconAndroid iconLinux icon

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