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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Lostpedia/doc:


Usage of this template is similar to the {{wikipedia}} template in that both the link and the link text default to using the page name as entries for the links. So, in the Worf article, if a link to that same entry on Lostpedia is desired, only the template name has to be used, such as


This would produce the following link:

Worf at Lostpedia, the wiki for Lost

If a link to another article name is desired, such as "Worf, son of Mogh," while still displaying the page name, the following format should be used:

{{Lostpedia|Worf, son of Mogh}}

This would produce the link

Worf at Lostpedia, the wiki for Lost

If you wanted a link to the Worf article, as well as use their title "Worf, of Mogh," as the link text, you would use:

{{Lostpedia|Worf, son of Mogh|Worf, son of Mogh}}

Which would result in

Worf, son of Mogh at Lostpedia, the wiki for Lost

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