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Gral and Shran call a truce

Commander Shran and Ambassador Gral call a truce

"United" – Aboard the prototype Romulan drone-ship, Commander Tucker and Lieutenant Reed struggle to regain their footing as the ship is violently shaken. On Romulus, the drone-ship's pilot works on erratically maneuvering the vessel. Ordering the pilot to stabilize the ship, in preparation for its imminent attack, Nijil reports that he is activating the vessel's multispectral emitters – its holographic "skin". In the dark vacuum of space, the drone-ship swoops down and destroys a Rigelian scout ship, disguised as Enterprise.

Gathered around the situation table on the bridge of Enterprise, Captain Archer tells Ensign Mayweather and Commander T'Pol that the visual record which was sent by the Rigelian ship showed Enterprise firing at the vessel. T'Pol tells him that she has discovered a method to detect the stealth vessel's warp signature, while Travis has designed a sensor grid which will extend Enterprise's range. Although the grid will require 128 vessels, it should prove to be an effective way to find the drone-ship.

In sickbay, Shran jokes with Talas as the doctor is treating her wound. Although Talas was only grazed, the phase pistol that Naarg shot her with was set to kill. When Talas asks, Shran promises not to let her die unavenged. Phlox enters and apologetically asks Shran to leave. Before he does so, Archer enters and offers him a proposal. Shran doesn't listen to the captain's suggestion, wanting only to kill the Tellarites. As he leaves, Archer realizes that uniting the Andorians, Tellarites, Vulcans and Humans will prove harder than he thought.

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