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Kohl stasis system

Kohl stasis pods

"The Thaw" was the twenty third episode of the second season of Star Trek: Voyager.

As Voyager approaches a deserted planet, Lt. Tuvok notes that there are nonfunctional communication satellites in orbit. Evidence suggests an advanced culture with warp drive and similar technologies, but Kim announces that evidence indicates a major solar flare occurred nineteen years previously. There are no life signs and it appears that the atmospheric disturbances would have prevented any escape attempts. Janeway grimly realizes that the entire colony of 400,000 people was likely wiped out, however, Kim announces that they are being hailed from the planet's surface.

Janeway tells Paris to play the message. A man named Viorsa appears and introduces himself as the planner of the Kohl settlement. He explains that Voyager's sensors have activated the message and that the Kohl have gone into a state of artificial hibernation in order to survive the effects of the ecological disaster on their world. The computer will awaken them in fifteen years, and he asks that no one interrupt their timetable. Chakotay points out that the colonists' timetable ended four years ago...

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