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Sisko and O&#039;Brien told to surrender

Sisko and O'Brien realize they are not alone

"Paradise" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Station log: Stardate 47573.1. To respond to questions about setting up colonies near the wormhole, Chief O'Brien and I have set out to survey nearby star systems.

Sisko and O'Brien are in the middle of a discussion about the possibility of Jake Sisko apprenticing under the Chief. As they talk, they come upon an M-class planet which would be a perfect place to build a colony. However, there is already an uncharted Human colony on the planet. The colony does not respond to hails, likely due to the presence of a low-level duonetic field. They decide to beam down and say hello the old-fashioned way.

The moment Sisko and O'Brien materialize on the planet's surface, their tricorders cease functioning; not even the diagnostics subroutine will work. Sisko attempts to contact the runabout, the Rio Grande, but his comm badge, as well as their phasers, appear to be nonfunctional as well. O'Brien suspects the suppression of their devices' EM activity may have something to do with the duonetic field, although he is not sure what. Before they can investigate further, a voice from behind orders them not to move and to put their hands up...

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