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Enterprise drifts towards stellar matter

The Enterprise drifts towards the stellar matter

"Evolution" was the first episode in the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The USS Enterprise-D orbits a red giant and some stellar matter. Suddenly, something rocks the Enterprise. Picard quickly orders Wesley Crusher to stabilize, but the ship isn't responding. In engineering, La Forge reports that there is nothing wrong with the inertial dampeners. Back on the bridge, Worf says they are heading straight into the path of the stellar matter. The captain orders shields up but Worf cannot; "the shields will not respond," he shouts, as the ship drifts towards the stellar matter with only thirty seconds until impact.

Picard orders a manual override on the shields while Riker tells La Forge to reset the inertial dampeners. The shields begin to rise but the inertial dampeners are still unresponsive. The chief engineer activates the impulse engines in full reverse, which seems to stabilize the ship, but the momentum is still carrying the Enterprise into the stellar matter. Data reports that all systems are reporting normal. Picard asks the computer what the cause of the control malfunction was but the computer has no record of any such error. Confused, he checks Data's console, but everything appears normal.

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