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Kirk on trial

Kirk on trial

"Court Martial" was the 14th episode produced, and the 20th episode to air, in the first season of Star Trek: The Original Series.

"Captain's Log, stardate 2947.3. We have been through a severe ion storm. One crewman is dead. The ship's damage is considerable. I have ordered a nonscheduled layover on Starbase 11 for repairs."

In Commodore Stone's office on the surface based facility of Starbase 11, Captain Kirk is reading over his sworn testimony as the commodore looks over a wall display, showing the repair status of several starships. Commodore Stone calls for maintenance section 18, which is working on the USS Intrepid, to reschedule and work on the Enterprise, which is priority one.

Captain Kirk says that records officer Benjamin Finney was in the ion pod during the ion storm. He went to red alert and warned him to get out of the pod. But he was too late, and they had to eject it, killing him. Commodore Stone asks Kirk if he's sure he jettisoned the pod after calling red alert, which he confirms. The computer records delivered by Spock say he jettisoned it before calling red alert though, thereby placing the blame of Finney's death on Kirk. Commodore Stone restricts him to the base, and opens an official inquiry.

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