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Picard and Q, 2395

Ambassador Picard and Q

"All Good Things..." was the 25th episode of the seventh season and series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Following an evening date at the holodeck, Worf and Troi walk back towards Troi's quarters. When Worf is about to kiss her goodnight, Captain Picard, dressed in his bathrobe, walks out of the turbolift, disoriented. Upon asking which date it is, he tells them he is moving back and forth through time.

Discussing the situation with Counselor Troi, Picard suddenly finds himself in the future, at his vineyard. After a short moment of disorientation, he goes on tying the vines. A pleasant surprise, La Forge decided to pay him a visit, coming all the way from Rigel III. He admits Leah told him of Picard's Irumodic Syndrome, and Picard tells him it takes years for the Syndrome to run its course.

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