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Did You Know?

This page lists Did You Know templates that are included on the portal pages – to edit one of the templates, use an "edit this entry" link. Please make sure...

  • ...that each entry starts as if "Did you know " was at the beginning of the first sentence, and is formed as a question.
  • ...that information presented here is also available in at least one of our articles and
  • ...that this article is linked in the entry.
  • ...that each template covers only one subject and
  • ...that all entries for People, Society & Culture, Science, Technology, and the Alternate Reality are written from an in-universe POV, while the entries for Star Trek, TV & films, and Merchandise are written from a production POV.


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that chroniton torpedoes exist in a constant state of temporal flux?


that by 2376, numerous discharged versions of the Mark I Emergency Medical Hologram were used to scrape plasma conduits or to mine dilithium ore?


that Deep Space 9 was originally built by the Cardassians to process uridium ore?


that by the 24th century, Ferengi had tiny universal translators that were inserted directly into their ears?


that a model of the DY-100 class, the same as Khan Singh's SS Botany Bay, appears in Rain Robinson's office in 1996?


that the kitchen aboard the USS Enterprise-A had a weapons locker when even the bridge didn't have one?


that the gymnasium areas aboard the Galaxy-class starship USS Enterprise-D had aerobic studios, martial arts areas, a parrises squares area, an anbo-jytsu court, and featured a fencing room?


that the USS Thunderchild is the only Akira-class starship with a known name?


that "Beam me up, Scotty" is never stated in any episode or movie by a crew member or officer?



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