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Did You Know?

This page lists Did You Know templates that are included on the portal pages – to edit one of the templates, use an "edit this entry" link. Please make sure...

  • ...that each entry starts as if "Did you know " was at the beginning of the first sentence, and is formed as a question.
  • ...that information presented here is also available in at least one of our articles and
  • ...that this article is linked in the entry.
  • ...that each template covers only one subject and
  • ...that all entries for People, Society & Culture, Science, Technology, and the Alternate Reality are written from an in-universe POV, while the entries for Star Trek, TV & films, and Merchandise are written from a production POV.




that the Bajoran people reached an advanced level of technology before Humans had learned to walk upright?


that the Temporal Cold War is a conflict fought by several factions in different timelines?


that most humanoid lifeforms in the Milky Way Galaxy have a common ancestry: a species of ancient humanoids who lived some four billion years ago?


that by 2040, television had lost its significance as a means of entertainment on Earth?


that the Treaty of Armens with the Sheliak Corporate contains 500,000 words and took 372 Federation legal experts to be drafted?


that by the 24th century, there are over fifty million people living on Earth's moon?


that three different teams for the sport played on Kelemane's planet are named, but the sport itself is not?


that despite the Federation's control of the the Chin'toka system between the First and Second Battles of Chin'toka, there were still constant skirmishes in the star system on the planet AR-558 with the Dominion?


that the Story of the Promise foretold that Kahless would one day return from Sto-vo-kor to the planet Boreth and once again lead his people?


that the Kobali were capable of reanimating dead lifeforms in order to procreate their species, but the reanimated corpse would have a limited memory of his or her prior life?


that a list of movies available aboard Enterprise NX-01 contained such films as Dixon Hill and the Black Orchid, The Bride of Chaotica, and The Day the Earth Stood Still?


that Jean-Luc Picard owns a Ressikan flute that could be the only surviving artifact left of the extinct species from the planet Kataan?


that Romulan ale was illegal throughout the Federation for at least 100 years before the ban was lifted in 2374, only to be reinstated by 2379, and that despite the embargo, many Starfleet officers had actually tried the beverage at some time in their career?


that being caught committing a crime within a randomly and secretly located punishment zone on Rubicun III was punishable by execution?


that "MACO" is an abbreviation for "Military Assault Command Operations"?


that the Xindi and the Klingons have joined the Federation by the 26th century?


that in the mid-22nd century of an alternate timeline, Humanity sought refuge on Ceti Alpha V, the same planet on which Khan Noonien Singh would be stranded a century later?







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