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Did You Know?

This page lists Did You Know templates that are included on the portal pages – to edit one of the templates, use an "edit this entry" link. Please make sure...

  • ...that each entry starts as if "Did you know " was at the beginning of the first sentence, and is formed as a question.
  • ...that information presented here is also available in at least one of our articles and
  • ...that this article is linked in the entry.
  • ...that each template covers only one subject and
  • ...that all entries for People, Society & Culture, Science, Technology, and the Alternate Reality are written from an in-universe POV, while the entries for Star Trek, TV & films, and Merchandise are written from a production POV.


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that shortly after the Voyager episode "Death Wish", in which Q reduces the USS Voyager and hides it on a Christmas tree, a USS Voyager Christmas ornament was produced by Hallmark?


that the Girl Scouts of America once ran a billboard campaign for their cookies that featured images of smiling Girl Scouts, along with the familiar (and ominous) text, "Resistance is Futile"?


that every time the mirror universe was visited on Deep Space Nine a Ferengi was killed? Kira Nerys killed Quark in "Crossover", Garak killed Rom in "Through the Looking Glass", and Kira killed both Nog in "Shattered Mirror" and Brunt in "The Emperor's New Cloak". This cycle is perpetuated in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game, in which each successive death can enable the player to bring into the game the next person in the cycle.


that the idea of the katric ark, a device in which to store a Vulcan's katra after death, originated in J.M. Dillard's novels The Lost Years and the novelization of Star Trek V?


that the very first Star Trek series to be released for home video in a box set was The Animated Series on LaserDisc in 1990?


that the first season of the Remastered Original Series was released on the now-defunct HD DVD?


that according to the behind-the-scenes book Star Trek - Where No One Has Gone Before, the scenes in Star Trek Generations with the USS Enterprise-B have a stardate of 9715.0?


that in the novel The Good That Men Do the events of the holoprogram seen in the Enterprise finale, "These Are the Voyages...", are altered drastically?


that according to the Lost Era novel Serpents Among the Ruins, the Tomed in the Tomed Incident is not a place, but a Romulan ship?


that it has never been confirmed in canon whether or not there is any actual blood in Klingon bloodwine? The Star Trek Cookbook suggests that bloodwine is made of fermented blood and sugar, however.

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