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Did You Know?

This page lists Did You Know templates that are included on the portal pages – to edit one of the templates, use an "edit this entry" link. Please make sure...

  • ...that each entry starts as if "Did you know " was at the beginning of the first sentence, and is formed as a question.
  • ...that information presented here is also available in at least one of our articles and
  • ...that this article is linked in the entry.
  • ...that each template covers only one subject and
  • ...that all entries for People, Society & Culture, Science, Technology, and the Alternate Reality are written from an in-universe POV, while the entries for Star Trek, TV & films, and Merchandise are written from a production POV.


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that the USS Enterprise was build at the Shipyard in Riverside, Iowa?


that James T. Kirk graduated from Starfleet Academy in only three years?


that Sulu has hand-to-hand combat training, in the form of fencing?


that at the age of 17, Chekov was assigned to the USS Enterprise as navigator?


that Christopher Pike wrote a dissertation on the USS Kelvin, in particular, the twelve minutes it was captained by George Kirk?


that Uhura was originally assigned to the USS Farragut before the USS Enterprise?


that Spock programmed the Kobayashi Maru scenario?


that all Leonard McCoy's ex-wife left him in the divorce was his bones?


that until the Battle of Earth, Scotty had never "beamed three people from two targets onto one pad before"?


that the USS Kelvin was only 75,000 kilometers from the Federation-Klingon border when it encountered a black hole created in 2387 by the detonation of a red matter device?

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