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This template can be used to calculate the amount of days between today and a date that is given as the only parameter.

Attention: A call to this template does not return an exact value, but only an approximation. Each full year is considered to be 365 days, each full month 30 days. This is considered to be good enough for most maintenance uses of this template.

Usage Edit

{{ daysago | <date> }}

The date value is mandatory, and needs to be given in a format that can be parsed by the #time parser function. For more information, see the MediaWiki help page about parser functions.

Examples Edit

{{daysago|March 2007}}
produces: 3189
produces: 1789
{{daysago|{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}}} (the date of the last edit to this page, 20130111193539)
produces: 1049

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