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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Datalink/doc:


This template is used to link to the Federation Starship Datalink website entries. A variable is required giving the end path to the article in question, and a second variable can be used to alter the linking text.

If no initial variable is given, the link will go to the main webpage, such as:


Which would produce:

Federation Starship Datalink

To link to an article, for example the one about the designing the Constitution-class, you would have a template call as such:


This would produce:


If text is desired, such as "designing the Enterprise", the following format should be used:

{{Datalink|art/1701.html|designing the ''Enterprise''}}

This would produce:

designing the Enterprise

If you wish the link to be formatted as an external link, for example on the Constitution class model page, the following format should be used:


This would produce:

Constitution class model at the Federation Starship Datalink

If you wish the external link to display different text, the following format should be used:

{{Datalink|art/1701.html|Designing the ''Enterprise''|external}}

This would produce:

Designing the Enterprise at the Federation Starship Datalink

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