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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Copyvio file/doc:


{{copyvio file}}


{{copyvio file}}
Possible copyright infringement

This file is a possible copyright infringement and should therefore not be used by any article. The original source of this file is suspected to be:


This file is now listed on our possible copyright infringements page. Please do not simply remove this note until the copyright issue is resolved - follow the instructions below, instead.

  • If there was permission to use this material under terms of our license or if you are the copyright holder of the externally linked file and want to re-publish it here using the license linked to above, please indicate this on the talk page or see Memory Alpha:File use policy for other options.
  • If use of this file qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law, a message should be noted on this page stating that fact. A simple note for images is available to insert; it can be added by typing {{image fairuse}} on the file description page. An explanation of why the file is considered fair use should also be added to justify this belief.
  • If there was no permission to use this file and use here would not qualify as fair use, leave it to be deleted. Deletion will occur about one week from the time this page title was placed on the possible copyright infringements page.
  • In any case, please read Memory Alpha:Copyrights to avoid future confusion.

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