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Mirror Universe
(coexisting on another dimensional plane)


This template is intended to be used at the top of articles which discuss topics from timelines, realities or universes "alternate" to Star Trek's main timeline. It allows easy identification of the article's scope by adding a full-width box as an absolute header, pushing the article page itself down.

The template is used with one parameter, identifying the exact sub-template to be used. As an example, the box at the top of this page is the result of the template call {{at|mu}}.

Currently, the following in-universe parameters exist:

For use on "mirror universe" pages
For use on "alternate reality" pages starting with Star Trek.
For use on pages containing information from a different timeline/reality/universe other than the "prime," "alternate," and "mirror" ones.
For use on pages containing information from more than one timeline/reality/universe.

"Realworld" template

The template {{realworld}}, used for production point of view articles, relies on this for formatting. However, for reasons of code clarity, please do not use its parameter directly. Instead, always use "{{realworld}}".

Resources used

Individual sub-templates make use of the following image files (see each image for its original source):

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