Temarek was a male Gatherer in the 24th century living at the outpost on Gamma Hromi II.

In 2366, he was present when Brull first met Sovereign Marouk in negotiations. Brull jokingly tested if a drink was poisoned by pouring it down Temarek's throat. It was not, and he took it lightheartedly.

After the meeting, when Volnoth had been murdered by Yuta, Temarek found the body first and therefore claimed his possessions as there was no other clan Lornak members at the encampment. He was pushed aside by Commander William T. Riker when Doctor Beverly Crusher tried to re-enact Volnoth's life. (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor")

Temarek was played by actor Elkanah J. Burns.

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