Telnorri was a counselor stationed on board Deep Space 9.

In 2372, he was assigned to counsel Chief Miles O'Brien three times a week, following his experience in an Argrathi prison.

O'Brien disliked his sessions with Telnorri, stating that all he ever did was "sit there and listen to me tell stories about what it was like to be in an Argrathi prison. How often did they beat me? Was I distressed by the lack of toilet facilities? If you ask me, he's the one with the problem." With these feelings in mind, O'Brien skipped all appointments with Telnorri over a period of ten days. Telnorri, who grew very frustrated with this, contacted Doctor Julian Bashir about O'Brien's lack of commitment.

After an unsuccessful intervention by Doctor Bashir, Captain Benjamin Sisko ordered O'Brien to report to Counselor Telnorri and begin attending daily counseling sessions for as long as Telnorri thought it was advisable. (DS9: "Hard Time")

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