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Jhamel uses Enterprise's telepresence unit

Jhamel uses Enterprise's telepresence unit to contact her brother, Gareb

A telepresence unit is a device which utilizes telepresence to allow a person to safely control a vessel from a remote location. Telepathy is required to use a telepresence unit, which can transmit brain wave signals through many light years in space.

In 2154, the Romulans utilized a telepresence unit to control two Romulan drone-ships from a command center on Romulus. The crew of Enterprise also created a telepresence unit to prevent the Romulans from continuing their attacks with the prototype drone-ships. Though Commander T'Pol was unsuccessful in operating the unit, the Aenar Jhamel managed to control the device and was able to convince her brother, Gareb, (who was controlling the drone-ships) to stop the attacks. (ENT: "The Aenar")

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