Teero Anaydis was a fanatical Bajoran vedek who was determined to fight the Cardassians. He had been dismissed by the Maquis for experimenting with mind control as a way to get new agents.

In 2371, he implanted suppressed memory commands into Tuvok at a colony near the Badlands. These commands would activate when Tuvok heard the Bajoran chant "Pagh'tem'far, B'tanay".

In 2377, a few years after the Dominion had crushed the Maquis resistance in the Alpha Quadrant, USS Voyager, whose crew was one-quarter Maquis, had regained contact with the Federation. Teero Anaydis embedded a subliminal message containing the chant into a letter to Tuvok from his son Sek.

Tuvok then used Vulcan mind melds to implant these commands into the other Maquis members of the crew. They were subsequently activated by repeating the Bajoran chant. Voyager was almost taken by Teero Anaydis (albeit by proxy) and his new 'recruits'; however, Tuvok managed to reclaim control of his mind and used the mind meld technique to undo Teero's control of the other Maquis crew members, stopping the mutiny. (VOY: "Repression")

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