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Taya was a young Yaderan girl, granddaughter to Rurigan. She and the rest of her fellow colonists were actually holograms created by Rurigan, as his real family and friends were killed by the Dominion in 2340. However, the images began disappearing due to a faulty hologenerator.

In 2370, crewmembers from space station Deep Space 9 arrived to investigate unusual emissions from the planet and then stayed to help investigate the disappearance of the colonists, among them, Taya's mother and Rurigan's daughter. Odo became fond of Taya, and with Jadzia Dax, he repaired the emitter, allowing the holographic characters to reappear. Taya played a significant role in helping Odo and Dax discover the cause of the disappearances. She was the first to reveal that the villagers never left the valley, and it was her arm's disappearance at the edge of the field that set in motion the discoveries that led to the return of the villagers.

Before he left, Odo turned into a top to amuse Taya. (DS9: "Shadowplay")

Taya was played by actress Noley Thornton.

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