Tavek was a Vulcan man that served in the Vulcan High Command. In the 2150s, he was the Captain of the Nyran.

Captain Tavek had never been to Earth, and had little knowledge of Human Starfleet officers.

In 2152, the Nyran approached Enterprise NX-01 with important information from Admiral Forrest. Since Captain Archer was away, Commander Tucker had to stall, but in the end decided it would be easier to impersonate Captain Archer, as Tavek could not know that Archer had gone with T'Pol to the Pernaia system.

Tavek relayed the Admiral's message, that "Cal beat Stanford seven to three." Tucker realized this was simply water polo scores, but almost gave away his cover by saying "I'll tell'm", which confused Tavek, so Tucker quickly told him "It's classified", and closed the channel. (ENT: "The Seventh")

Captain Tavek was played by actor Stephen Mendillo.

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