Tauvid Rem was a male Idanian operative in the 24th century Idanian Intelligence.

In 2373, he was involved in the undercover operation against Draim of the Orion Syndicate. Tasked with retrieving an undercover agent under the alias Arissa, he contacted her promising information on how to leave Draim's employ without retribution. He also brought a data crystal which contained all of the agent's real memories in order to restore them. They planned to meet on Deep Space 9, however, Draim had found out about the communication and sent two thugs, Traidy and Sorm, to capture Arissa. They killed Rem shortly before the intended meeting – minutes after 18:21, station time – he was assaulted and then vaporized. (DS9: "A Simple Investigation")

"Tauvid Rem" was probably not the operative's real name.
He was portrayed by actor Brant Cotton and was credited as "Idanian" in the end credits.

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