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Taurus II

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Taurus II
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Taurus II (2267)

Class: M
Type: Planet
Native Species: Taurus II anthropoids
Location: Taurus system
Near Murasaki 312
Alpha Quadrant
Order 480-G anthropoid.jpg

Taurus II inhabitant

You may also be looking for the planet by the same name, located in the Taurean system.

Taurus II was the inhabited second planet of the Taurus system. (This system was located near Murasaki 312, a quasar-like phenomena located in the Alpha Quadrant.) Classified as M class, this was the homeworld for a species of anthropoids.

As of stardate 2812, the planet was unexplored. Long-range scans revealed basic characteristics of this planet, such as it had an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. The planet was located near Makus III.

In 2267, the shuttlecraft Galileo crash-landed on Taurus II while attempting to investigate the Murasaki effect. The crew, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Spock, made First Contact with the Taureans, and lost crew members Latimer and Gaetano while on the surface.

The inhabitants of Taurus II were order 480-G anthropoids, similar to lifeforms discovered on Hansen's Planet but much larger, ten to twelve feet in height. They were at approximately a stone-age level of technology, slightly less advanced than a "Folsom culture". (TOS: "The Galileo Seven")

The planet was named after the constellation Taurus. (Star Trek Encyclopedia 2nd ed., p. 499)

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