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Tau Cygna system

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Tau Cygna system map

A map of the Tau Cygna system

The Tau Cygna system was a planetary star system. The fifth planet of this system, Tau Cygna V, was suitable for colonization. This system was located in the de Laure belt. According to the provisions of the Treaty of Armens, the Sheliak Corporate could exercise a claim for this system.

In the mid-23rd century, the colony ship SS Artemis crash-landed on the Tau Cygna V. The survivors built a colony which lasted for nearly a century. However, under pressure from the Sheliak Corporate, the colonists were relocated to a new home. (TNG: "The Ensigns of Command")

It is unclear whether the writers of the episode intended "Tau Cygna" to be Tau Cygni, a real binary star approximately 69 light years away from Sol. If so, this would seem to contradict the theory of Beta Lyrae ("Sheliak") actually being the Shelia system, home of the Sheliak race, as Beta Lyrae was approximately 882 light years from Sol, and thereby almost thirteen times farther away than Tau Cygna.

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