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Tau Cygna V

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Tau Cygna V
Tau Cygna V.jpg

The USS Enterprise-D in orbit of Tau Cygna V

Class: H
Type: Planet
Location: Tau Cygna system
de Laure belt
Affiliation: Sheliak Corporate
Tau Cygna V surface.jpg

Settlement on Tau Cygna V

Tau Cygna V was the fifth planet in the Tau Cygna planetary system. This system was located within the de Laure belt. This planet was a class H planet. It had an atmosphere capable of supporting humanoid life-forms. This planet was annexed from the Federation by the Sheliak Corporate in the 2255 Treaty of Armens.

In 2274, the SS Artemis crash-landed on the planet's surface. One third of the crew died of the hyperonic radiation. The survivors established a new colony. In 2366, the population reached 15,253 people, which, however, had to be evacuated, due to the Sheliak claim on the planet. (TNG: "The Ensigns of Command")


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