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Taris was a Romulan subcommander and the commanding officer of the Romulan warbird IRW Haakona in the 2360s. In 2365, her ship discovered the USS Enterprise-D in the Neutral Zone when it was searching for the USS Yamato, which had violated the Neutral Zone in search of Iconia and later suffered catastrophic systems failures after encountering an Iconian probe, leading to its destruction.

Taris ordered the Enterprise-D to leave the Neutral Zone and later, gave the order to fire on the Enterprise-D when she detected an away team transporting to the planet's surface. However, Taris' ship also became infected by the Iconian probe and its weapons disarmed at the last possible moment under its influence.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard led an away mission to the surface of the Iconian homeworld in order to destroy the Iconian gateway so that it would not fall into Romulan hands. He stepped through the gateway before its destruction and ended up on Taris' bridge. Taris believed that the Enterprise-D was responsible for the malfunctions it was suffering, and informed Picard that a self-destruct sequence had begun which she was unable to stop. She stated that at least Picard would also die with her. However, by this time the Enterprise-D systems have been restored and Picard was beamed to safety. Geordi La Forge instructed her how she could protect her ship from the probe's effects. (TNG: "Contagion")

This was the first of several Trek roles for actress Carolyn Seymour, who later played another Romulan named Toreth in "Face of the Enemy", with the production staff creating a new character in the belief that Taris had been killed. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion)
In Star Trek Online, one of the primary leaders of the Romulan Star Empire after the Hobus supernova (Hobus at Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek works) (and the one that lives the longest), is an Admiral Taris, who leads a scattered fleet and leads them to a potential new home. She is later named Praetor of the Imperial Romulan State, but is ousted by Sela in a power coup. She is responsible for the Hobus supernova event due to being influenced by her Iconian "masters", who she still serves on Iconia. Although she is captured and sent to a high-security prison by the player, a Iconian energy signature is found near her cell with her nowhere in sight.

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