Tamaal was a trading outpost located on the fourth planet of a binary star system. In 2152, there were over two million individuals living at the outpost.

In 2152, Enolian criminal Kuroda Lor-ehn took over the transport that was delivering him to the penal colony of Canamar and had another prisoner, Jonathan Archer, set a course for Tamaal. Kuroda's plan was to rendezvous at Tamaal with another ship and leave the transport to disintegrate in the planet's atmosphere, killing the other prisoners.

The transport met up with the other vessel at Tamaal as planned. However, the crew of Archer's ship, Enterprise NX-01, had taken over the ship and boarded the transport to rescue their comrades and the other passengers. Unwilling to return to prison, Kuroda chose to remain aboard the transport in a futile attempt to take the transport out of its decaying orbit. He was believed to have died when the transport disintegrated over Tamaal. (ENT: "Canamar")

In the final draft script of "Canamar", Tamaal was identified as class M.

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