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"Yamok sauce apparently cannot be replicated by DS9's food replicators. Aamin Marritza compliments the station's replicators on an excellent sem'hal stew (no doubt because they were Cardassian replicators) but goes on to complain that the stew could use a little yamok sauce, indicating that the replicators could not replicate it for him (DS9: "Duet"). Also, the fact that Quark occasionally purchases yamok sauce, instead of simply replicating it indicates that the replicators were unable to produce the sauce. This property of the sauce, however, is never made explicit. Its possible that Yamok is a brand name, like Slug-o-Cola, and because of some trade agreement cannot be legally replicated. However, Nog states that the Yamok sauce he is trying to sell is "original, not replicated," indicating that it is possible to be replicated, but the quality is lower."

Dubious assumptions backed by speculation. The first indication at in particular could just as easily imply that the specific recipe used happened to differ from the one Aamin Marritza was used to. Also a preference for purchasing real food rather then replicating it is fairly widespread amongst star trek cooks. Tried to look if I could salvage part of the note, but in the end had to remove it completely. -- Capricorn 08:44, June 8, 2011 (UTC)