I removed the "Background" section:

  • "Curiously, the Y-class is stated to have superceded the older and smaller J-class, however, the maximum carrying capacity of the J-class is given as 30 metric kilotons and that of the Y-class is given as only 20 metric kilotons. A possibility is that carrying capacity was sacrificed for faster engines, however, their maximum speeds are given as the same (actually, the Y-class is said to be capable of Warp 1.8 while the J-class can achieve "warp 2", so the J-class might actually be marginally faster). It is possible that this cargo carrying space was sacrificed for better living quarters, as well as a smoother ride during warp (the crew gets jostled around on a J-class when it goes to warp, this doesn't happen on the Y-class), or this could simply be a continuity error."

It was never stated in "Fortunate Son" that the Y class superseded the J class, just that "I grew up on a J-class, a little smaller but the same basic design..." Nothing was said about one ship design being any newer, older, bolder or better than the other, just that one was slightly smaller than the other... The rest is just speculation based on misinformation. --Alan 20:16, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

The difference between Y and J Edit

Yeh... I mean look at it this way:

J class

  • Warp 2
  • 30000 tons
  • No weapons

Y class

  • Warp 1.8
  • 20000 tons
  • Low-yield plasma cannon

And yet the Y class is supposed to be "the larger and faster Y-class". -- Heaney

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